Discipleship: going deeper in the Word

Monday, November 30th, 2020

“In the past, I would read three pages from the Bible and write down three sentences. Now I read three sentences and write down three pages of notes about what I get out of them."

These are the words of Mehran, who recently took part in an online discipleship programme with Elam. Through the course, his relationship with the Bible was transformed and he was equipped to help disciple others.

There is a growing hunger for deep discipleship among Iranian believers like Mehran. What a privilege then - through your prayers and partnership - to be able to provide discipleship opportunities to meet this growing hunger.

With many of our discipleship and training opportunities having moved online as a result of the pandemic, Persian-speaking believers have been accessing our courses from all around the world. From short-term discipleship intensives to longer-term training for emerging leaders, we've been able to impact more people in Iran this year than ever before.

Please pray for: 

  • The students taking part in various discipleship courses before the end of the year;
  • The teachers, mentors and coordinators as they work hard to deliver these courses;
  • Ever-increasing hunger among Iranian and Afghan believers for deep discipleship.

*A pseudonym has been used.