Drug addicts, time to bring in Jesus

Friday, May 28th, 2010

With about 130,000 new addicts each year, there is no sign of the drug problem going away. Everyone says it’s the country’s number one problem. The government is involved in trying to stop the flow of the deadly poppy from neighbouring Afghanistan, and there are rehabilitation clinics dotted over the country. There are also very expensive private on in the cities. Success stories are hard to come by. Some churches have managed to help. However as anyone who has been involved in drug rehabilitation knows, this is a special calling. Perhaps the time has come for those international agencies with a real anointing for ministering to addicts to see if they can get permission to work in Iran. There is nothing to lose, but for the addicts and their families, there is everything to gain.

Pray for

  • Addicts and their families
  • All those trying to help them
  • International Christian agencies to consider ministering in Iran.