Drug war headlines in the press; headlines of restored lives in heaven

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Some say Iran has four million drug users. That’s an epidemic. And each drug user drags a whole family into the nightmare. In recent weeks there have been welcome headlines of success about police arrests of drug dealers. The Mehr news agency reports on January 3rd that the authorities broke nine major drug rings, killing four dealers, arresting 38, and confiscating 10 tons of narcotics. On January 8th the Tehran police arrested 250 criminals, including drug dealers. On January 9th there is a report from the border police, who have confiscated nine tons of narcotics. And there are also stories of government determination to deal with the new ‘psychoactive drugs’ with the death sentence. All Christians should pray for these ‘authorities who do not bear the sword in vain’.

There are no stories though in the press about drug addicts being set free and living a normal healthy life. Perhaps that is because so many have had an encounter with Jesus Christ. There are many such restored drug addicts in the Iranian church. Their stories are not in the papers, but they are certainly in heaven, and are known to ordinary Christians.

Jesus Christ is truly the One who can break the curse of drugs that is blighting the lives of so many in Iran. The need for the church to have experienced and trained counsellors who can deal with desperate addicts is great. As is the potential. For the drug addict of today, is the church pioneer of tomorrow. They tend to be the most passionate followers of Christ. They know He has truly lifted them out of hell.

Pray for:

• Authorities fighting drug barons
• Holy Spirit to bring conviction to those in drug trade
• For witness of ex drug addicts in the church