Earthquakes coming to Tehran, so move the capital

Tuesday, November 03rd, 2009

There is a 65% chance of Tehran experiencing an earthquake measuring more than 7 on the Richter scale in the next five years. Such a quake would destroy 80% of the city’s buildings, including nearly all of the fire stations. Hundreds of thousands would die. Given the government operates from Tehran, some argue that the capital should be moved; others say that the city must work hard to make buildings quake proof. And as the whole country is on fault lines, it is not so easy to find a safe city. However, Tehran is particularly bad. One major fault line runs towards the north of the city, and there are about a hundred others. The campaign to move the capital from Tehran became more determined after the 2004 Bam quake that killed 40,000 in a few seconds.

Pray for

  • Urgent action to make Tehran safer in the event of an earthquake
  • Wisdom for officials dealing with this issue
  • Christians to preach Christ, as if there will be a quake soon