Ebrahim Firouzi exiled following release from prison

Friday, November 22nd, 2019

Christian convert Ebrahim Firouzi has been exiled to a remote part of Iran, following his release from prison on 26th October. He was imprisoned for six years.

A friend reports Ebrahim as saying, "God was in control when I went to prison, and I am sure he will still be in control in my exile. He will show me His ways in His own time." Ebrahim is said to be in good health.

Ebrahim was arrested in August 2013 and was later sentenced to one year in prison for 'crimes' related to his Christian faith. He was subsequently re-tried and sentenced to a further five years in prison. Sadly, in December 2018, his mother died and Ebrahim was not permitted leave from prison to attend her funeral. The exile he now faces is part of the sentence he received for his Christian activities.
 Please pray for courage, strength and wisdom for Ebrahim as he adjusts to life outside prison, and as he starts to rebuild his life far away from family and friends.
 Please also pray for the many other Iranians still imprisoned or illegally detained  because of their faith, belief or political position.
Source: Middle East Concern