The economy, needs urgent attention

Monday, December 21st, 2015

Everyone in Iran, including the growing number of Christians, is impacted by the economy. Under Ahmadinejad it nearly collapsed. Prices sky-rocketed; savings melted. People suffered.

Under Rouhani the economy is no longer in meltdown; but there are plenty of threatening storms that need urgent attention. One is the huge government debt: at $130 billion it is double the government’s budget. Another is the corrupt and inefficient state sector. Transparency International, a global organisation that monitors corruption, ranks Iran 136th out of 175 countries.

Iran’s leaders are that the Revolution - which they are determined to preserve - will be in jeopardy if the economy collapses. Hence there are calls for Iran to have a strong central command centre to get to grips with these problems. An existing body called the Coordination Headquarters for Economic Affairs could take this role, especially since President Rouhani regularly attends this group.

For all, including Christians, it is crucial that the government takes the action to avoid disaster. Usually when an economy is stable, extremist hardliners have less influence. May that be so for Iran.

Pray for

  • Economic stability
  • President Rouhani and finance ministers
  • Christians to be sacrificially generous to those in need