Embassies reopen: how can we pray?

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

Last Sunday the UK reopened its embassy in Tehran and Iran reopened its Embassy in London. This development has been facilitated by last month’s nuclear deal, and marks the beginning of the normalisation of relations between the two nations. Let’s pray the Lord would use this new chapter to bring about an atmosphere where even more Iranians can find Christ and follow him without fear.

There is a danger that voices calling for the improvement in human rights in Iran could be drowned out by the voices calling for more commercial ties, investment and partnership. Let’s pray this would not happen, and that the UK and other governments would use this new season of dialogue as an opportunity to fight for the rights of ordinary Iranians, including religious minority groups.

Much is uncertain: but our God is sovereign, and we can pray that He would use this recent change to prosper and accelerate the growth of the church in Iran.

Pray for

  • Human rights to remain on the agenda
  • Freedom for the church
  • Wisdom for all diplomats
Image: (AP) Iran's President Hassan Rouhani (R) welcomes British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond at the start of their meeting in his office, in Tehran, Iran, Aug. 24, 2015.