Evangelism during Persian New Year: Your prayers needed

Friday, March 18th, 2016

Persian New Year (Norouz) falls on March 20th and the whole country shuts down for two weeks. Nearly everyone is on holiday, and thousands travel outside Iran to neighbouring countries. This is a fantastic opportunity for Christians to share the Gospel. As the evangelism teams reach out with the good news, they need our prayers.

Thousands of Persian New Testaments will be given out as evangelism teams in countries in the Iran region reach out to Iranian tourists during the next couple of weeks.  It's demanding work for the evangelists, so they need our prayers for energy, unity and divine guidance.

At the end of the Elam New Testament is a clear explanation of the Gospel and an invitation for the reader to give his or her heart to Christ. It is a mistake to think that these New Testaments are just read by one person. Usually they are shared with the extended family and friends. So – one New Testament can bring salvation to many Iranians.

Pray for

  • Those who will receive New Testaments
  • Energy and unity for the outreach teams
  • God-ordained interactions during the outreach period