Every Sunday Iranians are coming to faith; an example*

Tuesday, July 28th, 2015

The meeting room is crowded and hot. The worship is enthusiastic and fervent. The preaching simple: Jesus did not condemn the woman caught in adultery, because He was condemned for her. The appeal is direct: ‘Don’t leave this room with your sin; Jesus died for you.’ People come forward for prayer. One man says he is a Muslim, but he loves Jesus. ‘Do you want to become a believer? ‘Yes’. There is more talk. The pastor turns to the man’s wife and daughter. Do they too want to become followers of Jesus? Yes.

In Western churches there would be a private prayer of repentance. Not so in the Iranian churches. At the end of the service the whole church is told that there is a family that wants to repent. They are called to the front. They all repeat the Sinners Prayer after the pastor. The whole church gives a loud ‘Amen’ and the family are each given a New Testament. Everyone says, ‘Welcome to the family’. Later arrangements are made for the new believers to begin Bible studies.

Praise God for the openness of Iranian Muslims to the Gospel. This is absolutely a time of harvest.

*Eye witness account of an Iranian church service in the region on 19th July 2015

Pray for:

  • All Iranians who have given their hearts to Jesus this week.
  • For pastors and older believers who teach them.
  • For more to give their lives to Christ next week.