Excessive sentences for 4 Christian leaders

Friday, July 07th, 2017

In a very worrying development for Pastor Victor Bet Tamraz, Hadi Asgari, Kaviyan Fallah-Mohammadi and Amin Afshar Nader (whose case was highlighted last month), the four Iranian Christian men have been given excessively long sentences.

Pastor Victor, Kaviyan and Hadi have been sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment each, with an additional two-year travel ban for Hadi. Meanwhile Amin has been sentenced to 15 years. They have been convicted by Judge Ahmadzadeh on charges directly relating to their Christian ministry. Their sentences were handed down in early July, following a court hearing on 14th June 2017.

Their lawyer plans to appeal the court’s decision as soon as possible.

 Please pray for peace for the men and their families; for their lawyer; and for a swift and successful appeal.

(Source: Middle East Concern)