Executions, this year already about fifty

Monday, January 24th, 2011

After China, the Iranian government carries out the highest number of executions per year. China though has a population of nearly one and a half billion; Iran has one of 70 million. 2011 has barely begun, and according to human rights groups already about fifty people have faced capital punishment. Some are executed for violent and dangerous crimes, like the two men hanged in Kaj Square, Tehran, one for stabbing someone to death in front of two police men, the other a drug trafficker. Other reasons for using capital punishment are not so clear cut. Some have been executed for being ‘enemies of God’, a rather general reason for taking someone’s life. For anyone who gets onto the wrong side of the law, this is a source of stress.

Pray for

  • Judges to have wisdom in all cases that come before them
  • For judiciary
  • For any use of the death sentence for political or religious purposes to be condemned