Expanding stomachs, 25 million overweight and at risk

Saturday, December 05th, 2009

Heart disease is a big killer in Iran. It is quite normal to hear of men in their forties suddenly keeling over with a heart attack, the cruel price tag for the constant delight of eating Iran’s national favourite high in fat dish, rice and kebab. Smoking doesn’t help. Recently ex-health minister and paediatrician Al-Akbar Savari told the Mehr News Agency that a staggering 25 million Iranians were overweight, and so at risk, including 12% of the nation’s children which has resulted in more youngster being diagnosed with diabetes. Quite rightly Mr Akbari is calling for a nationwide campaign to improve people’s diet, and increase exercise. The church is not immune to heart attacks, and can use Scripture’s emphasis on keeping the temple of the Holy Spirit in good shape to support this campaign.

Pray for

  • Government efforts to warn about heart disease and diet
  • Church to preach on importance of physical fitness and fasting
  • Comfort for Christians who have lost loved ones to heart attacks