Face to face always better, hence Christians and conferences

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Christians the world over love their conferences, those week-end and longer special get-togethers for worship, prayer, teaching, and seeking God. Millions can point to a particular conference where God spoke to them, gave them new direction. It’s the same for the Iranian church…and however fantastic communication technology has become, nothing is going to change this basic ingredient for our Christian walk. But because all conferences have to be held outside the country, they are extra expensive for Iranian Christians. And sometimes dangerous. In all the pressure of planning and expense it can be tempting for the organisers to lose heart and cancel the event. That is always sad. It is the background people, those trying to sort out tickets and hotels and funding, who take most of the pressure. They need our prayers, as do the preachers, as a new season of conferences are being planned for the Iranian church.

Pray for

  • Wisdom as plans are laid for conferences
  • Anointing for preachers
  • Grace for the background people