Face-to-face training: a necessary investment

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

All forms of leadership training are possible in this new digital world. But when it comes to building healthy leaders who stand the test of time, there is still nothing that can replace face-to-face training.  That’s why Elam is committed to investing in and providing residential training for emerging leaders in the Iran region.

Sending Bibles and Christian books is necessary. Being on the end of the phone whenever counselling is need is invaluable.  But nothing can equal regularly gathering church -planters together for face-to-face training and encouragement.  One attendee of a recent conference reflected, “The teaching on “how to evangelise” gave me new strategies to build the church up in the country.”

Training conferences help build up faith and perseverance, through great teaching and times of prayer, but also simply by encouraging the ministers that they are not alone: there are many others who are struggling with the same issues, yet persevering out of love for the Lord. We may not be able to be there to encourage them in person, but we can pray for these leaders as they are trained, that they would be equipped and encouraged to continue their essential work.

Pray for

  • Teaching that dwells richly in church planters hearts
  • Strong prayer networks around the church planters
  • Deep encouragement from fellow church planters