Family give their lives to Christ during Persian New Year outreach

Friday, April 08th, 2016

During the recent Persian New Year (Norouz) outreach in a country near Iran, an Iranian family was given New Testaments by a team of street evangelists.  The family excitedly declared that they had been searching for the Scriptures inside Iran for a long time without success.  And following a deep conversation, the whole family gave their lives to Christ right there on the street. They have returned home to Iran, taking the Gospel with them.

Every year, in this country near Iran, Iranian believers seize the incredible opportunity to share Christ with the countless Iranian tourists that visit over New Year (Norouz, in March). The evangelism teams across various cities had hundreds of interactions with Iranians, and report that it as one of the most encouraging years so far. Many Iranians heard the Gospel, and many gave their lives to Christ.

“During the outreach this year, we had less hassle from the local authorities, and the people were more open to the Gospel than ever,” beamed the leader of the Norouz evangelism efforts in a popular tourist destination for Iranians. “The work was very difficult and exhausting but the strength of the Lord was covering us. We really saw the power of your prayers. Thank you for praying for us.”

Pray for

  • New believers to be discipled and connected to a house church in Iran
  • The Lord to work in their hearts of those who heard the Gospel and took a New Testament
  • The church to grow because of this recent outreach