Fear of future, not surprising

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

There’s plenty for the average Iranian to worry about: inflation, unemployment, political fragility, arbitrary arrest, crippling sanctions, and worst of all, war. And if you are one of the ten million who live in Tehran, there are earthquakes to worry about as well. The city is built on two major fault lines and just this week President Ahmadinejad has announced incentives to try and get people to move to other parts of Iran. All of this builds up to an unspoken uncertainty about the future. There are so many ‘ifs’. For the church this constant stress is an important opportunity to preach Christ both as the anchor for our soul today, and also our sure hope for the future.

Pray for

  • More evangelists to preach of the hope Christ brings
  • More resources that teach on the practical security Christ brings
  • Wisdom for people in authority to allow people to live in peace