Fifteen million under fifteen, and only fifteen titles

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

The three “fifteens” in the task of reaching Iran’s children are a call for action. There are about fifteen million boys and girls under fifteen, probably more. Their minds are not yet made up on the great questions of life. They are like young people the world over: open and curious. They watch TV, they read, they love the internet – and for these fifteen million young people under fifteen, the Christian church has only fifteen titles to offer them in Persian. Praise God for the resources now available, including the fantastic ‘My First Study Bible’ recently published in Persian. But this statistic is not acceptable. Much more action is needed so the children of Iran hear the Good News of Christ and can grow as his disciples.

Pray for

  • Hundreds of new books and DVDs to be produced for children
  • Film makers, authors, translators, editors to be raised up
  • Funds for the task