Gaza and aid, urgent resolution needed

Tuesday, June 08th, 2010

Iran’s leaders are now actively joining the cause to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza and have offered military escorts. Christians should be praying that this difficult issue will not turn into a major confrontation. Israel imposed the blockade to deter missile attacks, but many have decided the measures are too harsh and are sending in aid. While it is certainly difficult to provide security for Israel without such a blockade, there is no need for this to escalate to outright fighting between the Israelis and Iranians. And if the Iranians are seen to act too provocatively, then with the nuclear issue still unsettled, there will be pressure on Washington to act. And that could grate the nerves of other great powers, like China, where President Ahmadinejad is visiting this week.

Pray for

  • Security for Israel; necessary supplies for the people of Gaza
  • Wisdom for all diplomats involved
  • On going sensitivity on nuclear issue