'The Girls of Revolution Street'

Friday, February 23rd, 2018

A number of women across Iran have been publicly protesting against the compulsory hijab (head scarf). In a movement which began on 27th December 2017, women have been removing their head coverings in public and posting images and videos of themselves on social media as acts of civil disobedience. The government has now arrested dozens of these women, dubbed ‘The Girls of Revolution Street’.
The movement has sparked much controversy and debate within Iran, where it is mandatory for women to cover their hair in public and where they are treated as second-class to men in various ways. 
This expression of discontent highlights the widespread disillusionment and desire for change in Iran. One result of this disillusionment is that many are hungry for the hope found in the Gospel.

 Please pray for the arrested women to be treated with justice and dignity.

 Please pray for the bold and courageous witness of Christians throughout Iran to reach those who are open to the Gospel.