Google, translation with one click.

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

With 23 million browsers Iran is the mega country in the Middle East for the net. And Google, like everywhere else (apart from China) is the big name. Christians should be very thankful for this company, especially now they have developed a Persian to English, and English to Persian translation tool anyone can add to their account for free. The translation works both ways, Persian to English, or English to Persian, and it is free to install. The standard of translation depends a lot on the original material, so it is not always brilliant. As with most things on the web, it is bound to get a lot better. Such a tool could dramatically help outreach to Iran.

Pray for

  • Agencies to use this tool creatively for the spread of the Gospel
  • For more internet evangelists to be raised up
  • For wisdom to avoid censoring from those opposed to the Christian message