Happy New Year, Christians can give hope

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

This week Iran is basically on holiday. It’s No Ruz, the ancient festival celebrating the Spring Equinox dating back probably to King Dairus (522-486 BC). And for most Iranians, No Ruz means visiting family. It’s a time to be happy with your loved ones, drink tea, eat sweets, and switch off a bit from life’s normal pressures. As with Christmas in the West, this family time can be emotionally challenging. Most families have tensions. Or with ever more Iranians leaving the country, somebody’s place is painfully empty. Or someone keeps on disappearing as there is no holiday from heroine or opium. Family times in any country can be fraught, but for believers it is a time to give hope, to share that Jesus Christ can change things. The hundreds of believers who this week will have the opportunity to share with their wider families deserve our prayer. And with more time, some families will be able to watch TV and might well discover a Christian satellite programme for the first time. Others might get around to reading a New Testament they have been given. May many come to faith this very week.

Pray for

  • Family life to be strengthened
  • Christians sharing Christ with their wider families
  • Families to tune into Christian TV