Healings: part of Iran’s church growth story

Friday, May 06th, 2016

Iran’s church knows the reality of suffering, but it is seeing some miracles happen.

At a recent ladies conference hosted by Elam, Esther came forward for prayer. She was losing her sight in her right eye. Worse, the hospital had told her she would go completely blind in that eye. The team prayed. With great excitement Esther said she could see more in the sick eye, but not completely. So the team prayed more. The eye continued to get better and about 90% of its sight was restored. Five days later the healing was still in place, and Esther left the conference full of joy. 

Fatimeh was at the same conference. She had not been able to breathe through her nostrils for 21 years. A team member put her hand under Fatimeh’s left nostril, and sure enough, no air was coming out. It was the same for the right nostril. So there was prayer in the name of Jesus, and both nostrils opened up. Fatimeh breathed through her nose for the first time in years. 

There are many more testimonies of God working in special ways. 

For Iran’s ordinary Christians, miracles like this are not happening 24 hours a day. But they do happen, and when they do they are never forgotten. The touch of God marks a man or woman for life. They know He is real, and pass their story onto others. 

Praise God for

  • Healings
  • The testimonies of His grace that are shared
  • The restoration in people’s lives