Health, something to celebrate

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Iran has serious health issues, mainly related to smoking and diet and drugs, but as the revolution comes to its 31st birthday party, the men and women at the frontline of health care deserve praise. For overall Iran’s health in the last two decades has improved, especially in the area of infant mortality. In 1970 it was 122 per thousand, now it is just 28. This is still more than Europe and America, usually under 5, but much less than some other Asian and African countries. In neighbouring Azerbaijan it is 72 and in Nigeria it is 109. Primary health care has been extended throughout the country, and there are nearly 500 government funded hospitals which treat people without insurance. However 70% of Iranians have some sort of medical cover, which entitles people to better care.  Around fifty years ago there was a shortage of medical experts – now there is a surplus. Another part of this success story is that many of the new professionals are women. They are the backbone of Iran’s health system. Over the last thirty years Iranian society has faced many stresses, but overall, the approach to health has been one that should be celebrated.

Pray for

  • Doctors and nurses engaged in frontline health care
  • Funding to continue to expand health care
  • Christians to be a part of the health system