Here I am, send me

Thursday, March 08th, 2012

With recent arrests in Shiraz, Isphahan, and Kermanshah, there are now nearly twenty known believers behind bars in Iran for their faith. These include Pastor Hekmat Salimi from the Anglican church in Isphahan, and Masoud Delijani from Kermanshah who has been sentenced to three years imprisonment. There is no sign that the harassment of Christians is lessening. Yet despite this Christians across the country are saying: ‘Here I am, send me’. They have experienced God in Jesus Christ. They have been rescued from a grim one-way journey to hell often fuelled by drugs or domestic chaos. Now they want to share the Gospel. They go prayer walking. They are not frightened to hand out New Testaments. They are ready to take any Christian training offered.

And so despite all the suffering of the last year and more, the church continues to grow. Not because of any fancy human strategies, but because God is at work, calling believers. They know they have been set apart for the Gospel, and they see that it is the Gospel that is the power of God in people’s lives.

Pray for:

• Christians in prison to be upheld, their families comforted
• Courage for the Christians who get out and share the Gospel
• Wisdom for all involved in serving the church at this time