High risk, but Iranian sisters still share Christ

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

The church in Iran continues to grow because believers continue to be bold in sharing the gospel, despite the high risk. Sharing Christ among Muslim-background people is seen as a heinous crime in Iran, and could result in long-term imprisonment.  Nevertheless, passionate believers continue to speak:

“I have an elderly mother and felt called by God to show love and care to women like her,” shared Laleh. “A friend of mine owns a beauty salon. I paid her and her three staff a day’s wages to pamper various old ladies in my community.  At the end of the day I took all four salon staff to dinner and shared the gospel with them. All of them gave their lives to Christ.”

“We had a lot of New Testaments,” shared Masoumeh, “So my husband and I decided to post them through local mailboxes. A week or so later I met another mother in the school playground who told me about the New Testament she had received through her door.  'Did you get one too?  Its really interesting, you should read it,' she said to me.  I smiled to myself and encouraged her to keep reading.”

We praise God for the courage of sisters like Laleh and Masoumeh. They, and many others like them, need our prayers as they continue this dangerous and amazing work.

Pray for

  • Protection for those who share
  • Many more to surrender their lives
  • All evangelists to have access to the Scriptures to distribute