Hours from ending his life, Vahid finds new life in Christ

Tuesday, June 29th, 2021

Vahid is one of hundreds of new believers who have recently been through our 2-week discipleship course, deepening his understanding of God's Word and being trained to share the Gospel and serve others. 

But, before Vahid had met Christ or been discipled, his journey had been difficult. For years, he longed to experience real freedom in his life. In his search, he had tried everything: drugs, pornography, sex.

He married Roxana thinking marriage might fill the void and they soon had a beautiful daughter. But nothing could satisfy the emptiness Vahid felt. Sinking even deeper into his addictions, Vahid lost all hope. 

Desperate to be free, Vahid made plans to end his life. But, that same day, his friend Ali shared with him how Jesus had transformed his life. Ali gave Vahid a New Testament and as he read the first few pages, tears streamed down his face.

Vahid called the number inside the New Testament and gave his life to Christ over the phone. Soon, he was connected with a believer who discipled him using Safar and just a few weeks ago, he attended Elam's 2-week course.

Today, Vahid continues to grow in his faith and is an effective evangelist.

 Please pray for:

  • Vahid and his family to grow in their faith and for his wife Roxana to come to Christ
  • members of the local church connecting with new believers like Vahid for fellowship and discipleship



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