How God called Elaheh for training

Friday, June 05th, 2015

Two years ago Elam convened a week-long conference on evangelism. One of the participants returned directly to his city and shared the Gospel with his neighbours – a mother and daughter, Arezoo and Elaheh. They both came to Christ. Now Elaheh has attended two Elam conferences herself. She’s keen to be equipped to serve the Lord.

Elaheh’s story shows that training is vital for the ongoing spread of the Gospel in Iran and the wider region. Conferences run by Elam and other ministries equip and encourage believers to strengthen and expand the church. The people they reach with the Gospel then go on and do the same.  It’s a virtuous cycle. The more believers are trained, the more the church grows.

Pray for:

  • Elaheh’s training and future ministry
  • Hundreds attending conferences this summer
  • Bible teachers at the conferences