How the Gospel spreads in Iran, talking with neighbors

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

The Gospel is spreading in Iran in many remarkable ways. But most commonly it spreads as Iranians who fall in love with Christ simply share him with their friends and family. Mehdi’s story is a great example.

Mehdi surrendered his broken life to Jesus in 2006 and immediately began to follow Christ wholeheartedly. He later trained with Elam for ministry and has now led well over 100 Iranians to Christ, including several family members who had opposed him.

Recently, Mehdi was speaking with a former neighbor of his, Roya, who had independently come to Christ as well. As they talked, Roya referred to another previous neighbour, Nasreen, and encouraged Mehdi to call her and encourage her. Mehdi agreed and immediately called Nasreen. He had not spoken to her for over 10 years and she was shocked and excited to hear from him. She knew how hard Mehdi’s life had been and often wondered what had become of him.

Mehdi told Nasreen about Jesus. She got excited and said, “My daughter and her husband are here. She’s started watching Christian TV and I’m sure she would love to talk with you.” Nasreen put her daughter and son-in-law on the phone, and they asked many questions. Thirty minutes later, they prayed and gave their hearts to Christ.

Please pray for

• Nasreen, her daughter and son-in-law
• Mehdi and his ministry
• The Gospel to continue to spread through friends and family