Human Rights in Iran, Should be President Rouhani’s Priority

Tuesday, July 28th, 2015

When President Rouhani first came to power he indicated he wanted to improve Iran’s human rights record. However the priority was the economy. With the nuclear deal now signed, economically Iran is getting ready for lift off.

But on human rights there has been no lift off. It is estimated there are at least one thousand prisoners of conscience in Iran’s prisons; nearly a hundred of these are Christians. And last week Amnesty International claimed there had been a ‘spike’ in the number of executions in Iran. So far this year there have been 694. Totally innocent citizens can still be rounded up and harassed in the street by the ‘corruption’ police.

President Rouhani has no legal authority over the judiciary; but he has influence. With the success of the nuclear deal, this influence has now increased.

So, let us pray that President Rouhani will now turn his diplomatic skills to reform the judiciary and Iran’s Human Rights record. As a veteran insider, this is possible. It is well worth interceding for.

Pray for:

  • President Rouhani
  • Reform of judiciary
  • Release of all prisoners of conscience