Hundreds of Iranians are studying the Bible through correspondence

Thursday, August 22nd, 2019
Elam’s correspondence courses are helping hundreds of new Iranian believers learn about Jesus and grow in their walk with God. Many Iranians have little opportunity to do theological studies, so discipleship courses that can be studied via correspondence are a lifeline for those hungry to learn.
Here is some recent feedback from a few of our students:
  • “Through the course, I learned that my testimony and the expression of the Gospel are my duty. If we do not talk with our friends about Jesus, they will never know him."
  • “The ‘Who is Jesus?’ module was very interesting and informative for me, because it helped me to know and understanding our Lord Jesus Christ in more depth.”
  • “I learned from the ‘Bible Ethics’ module that all my good deeds must be for the satisfaction of my Lord Jesus Christ, not to gain the admiration of others.”
  • “In the ‘When you pray’ module, I learned that prayer is the bridge between man and God. And if we want our prayers to be fruitful, we must make our hearts full of God's Word.”
Elam offers three courses: the Christian Life course (foundational discipleship), the Christian Service course (equipping believers to serve), and B.A. level courses in Biblical and Theological studies. Students can enrol on these courses from around the world, including from inside Iran.
  Please pray for the hundreds of Iranians around the world currently studying via correspondence.