"I didn't think anyone cared about us..."

Monday, September 28th, 2020

Behnam is a labourer in Iran. When Christians recently offered him a food parcel as part of our pandemic-prompted relief ministry, Behnam said something remarkable:

“I didn’t think anyone cared about us. For the past ten months I’ve only earned enough to buy bread. Tonight, my family can eat rice for the first time. You are surely messengers from God.”

When the believers shared with him about Christ, Behnam was intrigued. “Tell me what I should do,” he said.
Over and over, encounters just like this are happening across the Iran region. Our trained church planters report that not only are people grateful to receive much-needed food, many are also eager to hear about Jesus and to receive a copy of the ‘Injil’ - the Gospel of Christ.
A teenage girl recently reached out to say, “You don't know how happy my parents were with the food package they received… And I was so excited when I realised it was done by Christians. Please send me a New Testament.”
One Afghan family were particularly delighted to be given a Bible as well as a food package. "Would you be interested to read it?" the church planter asked. “Yes,” they responded, “More than anything we need to read this book.”

 Please pray with us for the ongoing relief ministry in the Iran region, which is reaching so many people with much-needed food as well as the message of Christ.