"I overheard you talking... can you tell me about Jesus?"

Wednesday, November 21st, 2018

Every day Iranians are talking about Jesus across the Iran region - and many others are listening in.

Magda and Maryam* met recently for discipleship in a coffee shop in a country neighbouring Iran. They sat and shared from the Bible for almost 2 hours. As they were finishing their conversation and getting ready to leave, the man at the next table caught their attention: “Excuse me, I overheard you talking – can I ask you some questions? Can you tell me about Jesus?”

Kamran* started asking many questions and Magda and Maryam invited him to come to the local Persian language church the following Sunday. After the service he gave his life to Jesus. 

Kamran was one of over 20 Persian-speakers who repented and gave their life to Christ in that church that Sunday. Praise the Lord!

Thank you 

  • for helping us do more to reach and disciple people like Kamran who are eager to learn more about Jesus. 
  • for helping us equip people like Magda and Maryam to practice discipleship and be ready for evangelism.
  • for supporting the work of Persian-speaking churches and house churches across the Iran region.

Please join us in praying for: 

  • Kamran in these early days of his discipleship journey.
  • the more than 20 others who also made a decision to follow Christ in that same church service.
  • the pastors and church members who will play a part in discipling these new believers.

*Names altered for security reasons.