"I prefer being demoted to taking off my cross."

Tuesday, August 06th, 2013

Hassan was a fire safety officer in a huge factory and a Christian. He witnessed to at least eighty people in the factory, including, Masoud, a co-worker who responded and began coming to work wearing a cross.

This infuriated his manager. Angrily he told Masoud either he take the cross off, or be demoted. Masoud replied:

"I am ready to work where you send me. I prefer being demoted to taking off my cross."

Masoud was demoted, but after a few days his manager apologised and gave him back his old job.

Masoud was faithful, and God overruled.

This is how the church in Iran is growing. Brave believers like Hassan are witnessing to many; some who hear, like Masoud, pay a price and experience God’s protection.

Pray for

  • Workers who witness in their work place
  • Those who wear crosses to be courageous
  • Employers to be sympathetic to Christians