"I was crying from the start": Jesus film softens yet another heart

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

“I watched the whole film through my tears,” says Hessam, describing the occasion when he had sat down alone to watch a DVD known as the ‘Jesus’ film’, “I was crying after just a few minutes in, and I didn’t know why!”

A friend had given Hessam the copy of the Jesus film, along with a copy of the New Testament months beforehand. Hessam had refused to read the New Testament because he was a Muslim. The DVD, a feature film retelling Jesus’ life as recorded in the Gospel of Luke, had also gotten put to one side and forgotten. Then on one uneventful afternoon Hessam was bored and so started watching the film on his laptop. The story moved his heart, though he didn’t understand why.

Watching the film proved to be the start of Hessam’s journey to faith in Jesus. The friend who had given him the DVD encouraged Hessam to read the Gospel of Luke for himself. After a few months of reading, seeking and asking questions, Hessam gave his heart to Jesus.

Elam Ministries has distributed over 130,000 of the Jesus Film DVDs in the Iran region as a way of introducing people like Hessam to the Gospel.

Pray for:
• God to touch the hearts of all who watch the film
• Increasing numbers of DVDs to be distributed each year
• Hessam as he continues to grow in the Lord