If you have to fly, make sure you avoid those old Russian planes

Tuesday, February 02nd, 2010

Last week yet another old Russian Tupolov plane got into trouble. Its rear end burst into flames as it landed at Mashad airport. There were 147 passengers on board, with thirteen crew. Thankfully nobody was killed, but at least 46 people were injured. The news will make Iranian flyers nervous. Last summer a plane crash landed, again in Mashad, and killed 17 people; and a few weeks earlier another of these Tupolovs caught fire over northern Iran and fell out of the sky. All 168 people on board lost their lives. In such a vast country many have to fly to get to urgent meetings, but the frequency of these incidents is creating an image that the skies are not safe, especially if you end up in one of these old Russian planes.

Pray for

  • Comfort for those who have had near death flying experiences
  • Thorough enquiry into state of aviation so skies become safe
  • Stricter inspection regime for civilian planes