Input nil, output nil – the need for good books

Tuesday, November 03rd, 2009

When a Christian leader does not study, the congregation, whether in a house or building, is not well fed. And for study, there must be good books, but these cannot be published in Iran. The printing of all Christian literature in Persian, the language of the majority, is strictly illegal. So this responsibility falls to the wider church committed to reaching Iran. It is an expensive business that needs the eye of faith – for the funds to translate, print, and to somehow send to the country, and faith to see the impact even ten copies of a key book such as John Stott’s ‘The Cross of Christ’ or Alistair McGrath’s ‘Introduction To Theology’ will have on ministers. The going can get lonely when these major titles are taken on and the heart feel less than excited when the translators, editors, and typesetters know that only a few hundred will be published. But the team must keep going, for without these books the equation is very simple for the minister: input nil, out put nil.

Pray for

  • Endurance and determination for all those committed to providing quality books
  • Restrictions on distribution to ease
  • Funds for key titles