An intelligence chief’s attempted resignation, reveals the importance of his ministry

Friday, May 06th, 2011

On April 17th President Ahmadinejad happily accepted the resignation of his intelligence chief, Heider Moslehi. A few hours later the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamanei reinstated him, adding later that he would intervene in government matters whenever necessary. Refusing to say why, President Ahmadinejad did not attend his next two cabinet meetings and cancelled a trip to Qom. But on Sunday he was at cabinet and affirmed he had always supported the Valeyat system, that the Supreme Leader had the final word. And the Supreme Leader put out a statement that any interpretation of these events signalling tension at the top was helping the enemies of Iran.
It is no surprise in Iran’s system that there are occasional disagreements between the Supreme Leader and the president. The fact that here it centres on the Ministry of Intelligence underlines the great power this ministry wields. As it is this ministry that has been involved in the arrests of nearly 300 believers since last summer, it is important Christians intercede that Heider Moslehi and all his staff will work in an honourable way which enables every Iranian to worship God freely.

Pray for

• Heider Moslehi and his staff to act with justice and mercy
• A change of heart within this ministry towards Christianity
• Members of the security service to experience Jesus.