The Internet, controls set to tighten

Saturday, December 05th, 2009

The printing of all Scriptures and Christian books in Iran is strictly illegal, so thousand of believers have come to rely on the internet for resources. Though some Christian sites have been blocked in recent years, Christians still have a presence in cyberspace. There is now a danger of increased interference. The protests about the summer presidential elections have had a large internet factor, both in terms of calling people out onto the streets and reporting events. In response the government has set up an internet force to police the net more thoroughly and to bring to justice not only those engaging in financial fraud, but also those spreading ‘lies and insults’. It is likely that the main ‘insults’ the new force will be investigating will be political, but there is a possibility that Christian sites could also get into trouble.

Pray for

  • On going blessing of Christian internet sites
  • Wisdom in the way they share resources
  • Protection from interference