Internet, a delicate information battle zone

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Bringing the Christian message to Iranians through the internet has had a major impact. However there are challenges, as Iran’s internet is one of the most tightly controlled in the world. All web traffic comes to the state owned Data Communication Company which means the government can virtually switch off the whole system, as happened in the immediate aftermath of the disputed June election. However the country’s commercial economy depends on the web, so the government has to balance the country’s commercial needs, with its desire to keep out influences it deems undesirable. It’s a delicate information zone. Used by at least 25% of the population, the internet is back to its pre election use, but this means it is still strictly filtered, with political and pornographic sites being the main target for the censors, and there is a limit on the connection speed to discourage the viewing of films. While websites are closely watched, email works well as long as the internet is running. Nevertheless, everyone should remember that an email is like a postcard…the postman can read it.

Pray for

  • Success for government blocking of pornographic sites
  • Wisdom for Christians seeking to share God’s love through the internet
  • Caution with emails.