Iran’s favourite pocket NT, just got a little better

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Thousands of Iranians first experience Jesus Christ when reading the pocket size of the Millennium Version of the New Testament. They like the style: the Persian is modern, but still elegant. And they like its smart leather feeling front cover, and they especially appreciate its physical size, just 8.8 by 17.4 cm and weight, 15 grams. It’s perfect for slipping into a hand bag or an inside jacket pocket. Now Iran’s favourite pocket NT has got even better, as there is a new edition which includes the beautifully translated Psalms and the Proverbs. At the end of all the editions there is a section entitled, ‘Tasmeeme Shoma’, ‘Your Choice’ where the Gospel is clearly explained and an invitation given for the reader to accept Christ.

Pray for

  • Hundreds of thousands of New Testaments to reach Iran this year
  • Courage and wisdom of distributors
  • For these Scriptures to find open hearts