Iran’s Favourite Preacher, Might be a surprise

Tuesday, May 04th, 2010

She’s down to earth, funny, passionate, and you want to go on listening. That’s Joyce Meyer: Famous in the US, and thanks to satellite TV, also very well known in Iran. She is watched every day there: indeed on the Mohabbat Channel she can be seen four times a day, Monday to Friday. And on that channel, her programme is reported to be the favourite as she gets the most positive feedback.

Perhaps there is a heavenly sense of humour at work here that thousands of Iranians should be hearing about Jesus Christ from a woman. Whatever is at work, We need to pray that God will use her preaching to impact Iran.

Pray for:

  • Joyce Meyer’s preaching to be anointed
  • For millions discover the gospel through her programs
  • For women to be encouraged