Iran’s Hardline Rhetoric, At Risk

Monday, March 03rd, 2014

‘Iran versus the West’ has been the basis of the Islamic Republic’s authoritarian ways for the last thirty years. Now the progress of the nuclear negotiations – round two successfully completed in Vienna – is undermining the rhetoric of Tehran’s rulers.

Hardliners are belittling the talks and saying the talks will not lead anywhere. They know that
if the talks succeed many of the old slogans against America will be weakened.

The hardliners have used the anti-West slogans to fight internal political battles against the Reformists. After the disputed 2009 presidential elections hundreds of Reformists were imprisoned. The excuse? Iran’s enemy the West was behind the Reformists and the protests.

Then the economic ruin of the Ahmadinejad years cornered the establishment into accepting the pragmatist Hassan Rouhani as president and his plan of talking to the West: the same West that just a few years ago was supposedly interfering in Iran’s elections.

The rhetoric is wearing thin.

It is important that we pray that men of peace will overcome the negativity of those who rule on the basis of fear.

Pray for
• Fear of the hardliners to be replaced by hope
• Success of diplomats
• Protection of Iran from war