Iran’s Kurds clash with Revolutionary Guards: time to pray for peace

Monday, July 25th, 2016

There are at least 30 million people of Kurdish ethnicity in the world. Most Kurds live in parts of eastern and south-eastern Turkey, western Iran, northern Iraq, and northern Syria, though Kurds can also be found in many other nations around the world today.

Many Kurds in the Middle East want their own autonomous nation. But Iran’s six million Kurds have been pretty quiet on this front in recent years; until now.

Last month there were clashes in about eight different towns in the west of Iran between Iranian-Kurdish militants and Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. There were fatalities on both sides. Not surprisingly Iran’s response has been robust. There has been cross border artillery fire against Kurdish bases in Iraq; and the Iranian authorities are increasingly intimidating Iranian-Kurds through arbitrary arrests. Small skirmishes continue.

As Christians we should pray for peace, and we should remember the fledgling Iranian-Kurdish church in our prayers. In recent years several hundred Kurdish Muslims have turned to Christ; maybe the numbers are higher. War would put a real strain on this young church.

Pray for

  • Swift end to recent violence
  • Wisdom for authorities dealing with issue in Tehran
  • Growth for Kurdish church