Iran elected to UN Women’s Rights Commission

Tuesday, May 06th, 2014

Despite Iran's appalling human rights record and its ill treatment of women, Iran has been appointed to sit on the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, the world’s top intergovernmental organization dedicated to promoting women’s rights.

Iran also won a spot on the leading UN committee that oversees the work of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), a move that has sparked fear among advocacy groups that are worried Iran will now be in a position to silence their work.  The fact that Iran has gained these seats, despite routine abuse of basic human rights -including the brutalities committed in Evin prison just before Easter in which Farshid Fathi and many others were injured- is absurd and disheartening for all who are fighting for the protection of human rights globally.

Join with us in praying that Iran would be hindered from doing anything to undermine or damage the promotion of women’s rights, freedom of religion or other human rights while it sits on these committees.

Pray for

  • Iran to be unable to do any damage on the UN committees
  • Iran to adhere to its international agreements on human rights
  • Women to be valued as equal citizens in Iran