Iran: fourth most frequent searcher for adult sites

Tuesday, May 05th, 2015

Marriages are destroyed by it. Families suffer because of it. Women are devalued by it.  In Iran, people can be imprisoned for participating in it: Pornography.

Google has analysed which countries are searching for adult sites the most, and Iran appears as number four on their list. One would think that the conservative Islamic Republic might not battle with pornography as much as more liberal nations. But while the Iranian government is officially fiercely opposed to pornography, Google’s statistics show that the poison of pornography is pouring into Iran.

Elam Ministries is dealing directly with the issue. Through teaching and conferences, men are encouraged to live a pure life and are challenged to confess their sins, not just to God, but to another man. And through it, many men have come to freedom, and many marriages have been healed.

Pray for

  • Believers to have victory over this sin
  • The churches as they minister in this area
  • Healing for the wounds caused by pornography