Iran in the thick of the battle against ISIS

Friday, November 13th, 2015

Iran’s Shia government is sending combatants to fight against the Sunni terrorist group ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Up to thirty Iranians have reportedly died recently, and over 200 Afghan-Iranians have died in the war since it began. ISIS’ barbarity is therefore impacting Iran, just as it has so many other countries in the region. 

Although the West, Russia and Iran all are opposed to ISIS, there is no agreement on how to fight them because everyone has different agendas. Iran and Russia want to see Assad regain control in Syria, whereas the West want to see him deposed and a new government established. With no agreement on Assad, the war continues. 

Tehran cannot afford to let ISIS succeed. The barbaric cult like group are a direct threat to Iran, just as they are a direct threat to Christians in the region and to ordinary peaceable citizens.  So Iran is set to remain in the thick of the battle against ISIS for the foreseeable future. 

Pray for 

  • Wisdom for all those working to defeat ISIS
  • All those who are suffering due to the war
  • Families mourning the death of loved ones