Iranian New Year Outreach: 14,000+ now have a New Testament

Thursday, April 03rd, 2014

An Iranian father and his three daughters were visiting a neighboring country on holiday over Persian New Year (Norouz). For years the father had been searching for truth, and for a solution to a problem he was facing. He had explored Buddhism and other religions. But his heart had not found peace.  Then, whilst on holiday, the family met an evangelism team from a local church.

The family gladly received New Testaments and they engaged in conversation. The father asked the believers to pray for his problem.  “As they prayed, I felt lightness and peace,” said the man afterwards.  The team told him that he could receive Jesus by faith, and his heart was warmed. The family promised to come to the church prayer meeting the next day.  “The mustard seed will grow in his life, we are sure,” reflected a member of the evangelism team.

During the Norouz holidays, interactions like this are happening many times each day across Iran’s neighboring countries.  In one city alone in the region, over 6,000 New Testaments were given out to visiting Iranians in the first week of the Norouz holidays. In one neighboring nation, over 14,000 New Testaments have been distributed during the holidays, and the efforts are ongoing.  As Iranians are celebrating, Christians are at work, and Jesus is on the move.

Pray for:

  • This family to surrender their lives to Jesus
  • Open hearts as New Testaments are read
  • Strength and encouragement for the evangelists