Iranians coming to London Olympics: let's find out about Jesus.

Friday, July 27th, 2012

As well as the 53 Iranian athletes and their support teams coming to compete in the London Olympics, there will be thousands of other Iranians coming to cheer on their countrymen. London is a city full of church spires and there will be many Christian evangelistic teams out in force seeking to reach all Olympic visitors, including Iranian visitors. Away from the stifling conditions of their own country, this is the time they might well take the opportunity to find out about Jesus.

Some of the London based Iranian evangelists have a lot of experience. They are more than ready to provide their countrymen with copies of the Jesus film in Persian, as well as Scriptures and Christian books. Knowing that these precious resources could easily find their way back to Iran will further motivate the evangelists.

Times like this show how important it is to have agencies like Elam Ministries that provide the key evangelistic resources needed for street work.

Pray for
• Teams reaching out to Iranians during the Olympics
• Iranians to come to Christ and go back to Iran to spread the Gospel
• Provision of funds for evangelistic resources