Iran's armies, sounding ready

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Give an army general a microphone and it will always be the same message: we’ll beat off any invasion. A minimal amount of clicking on Google soon shows that Iran is, in fact, no way ready in terms of technology. The US budget just for weapons research is nearly 80 billion dollars a year; Iran’s total military budget is 10 -12 billion. The West will easily out machine Iran.

But in terms of man power it’s another matter. As well as her nearly 700,000 armed personnel, Iran can immediately call on another 300,000 volunteer reservists – and then another 11 million if needed. That only means there is plenty of cannon fodder if, as with children in the Iran-Iraq war, the reservists are to be thrown at a professional army in a conventional war. But that’s not the plan. The leader of the Revolutionary Guards, Mohammad Ali Jaffari, has let it be known that in the case of invasion, Iran’s strategy would be asymmetrical warfare – guerrilla warfare operating out of regional centres throughout the country. In that context, eleven million means a lot.

So the talk of the generals is not bluster. If hostilities begin, there will be a very bitter fight. And if then guerrilla warfare becomes the norm, no mercy will be shown to any who have any connections with the West. Wrongly, Christians could be included in that number. War will bring death to many Iranians, especially Christians.

Pray for

• Flickering diplomatic talks to be revived
• Ordinary soldiers to hear the Gospel
• Church to be protected