Iran's currency crisis, makes life almost impossible

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

The collapse of the rial against the dollar continues. On Sunday January 23rd, 2013 it cost about 33,000 rials to buy one dollar. Just two days later the price of the dollar had risen to 36,250 rials. In September 2012 a dollar cost 24,000 rials, and a few years ago it was only 10,000 rials.

The impact of this continuing collapse is devastating. For the average family whose income is just over 100 million rials ($3,000 at the present exchange rate), it is impossible to meet all necessary expenses. Even for the well off, times are exceedingly difficult. Foreign travel or any financial dealing outside Iran is out of the question for most.

The value of the rial has not only sunk on the foreign markets. It has also sunk at home.
With inflation running at about 27% at the end of 2012, life is challenging for most consumers. Some blame sanctions, some blame the Robin Hood economics of President Ahmadinejad, and some suspect corruption in high places. Whatever the real reason, there is no doubt that the number one cause of stress amongst most Iranians is the economy.

For Christians the stress is compounded by the fact that they could lose their jobs at any time because of their faith. They become the kind of Christians who have to trust God for their daily bread. And this becomes a testimony that attracts others.

Pray for

• Wisdom for those responsible for Iran’s economy
• Economic pressure to draw people to the God who provides.
• Christians to experience God’s provision and to testify to others